Carpet Done Right

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​We Offer Shop At Home Service By Appointment

Never a fee for the quote!

Wide range of carpets, vinyl, vct

From you basic carpets with lifetime stain and pet protection, high end extra thick plush, to Berbers

these are all your modern day colors!

Carpet re-stretching

Burn hole repairs

Need to have an extra piece of carpet or a closet that has carpet that can be removed and used 

for the repair

Doorway repair

Did someone in the house leave your favorite pet locked in a room and they clawed at the carpet 

and it ripped away from the wall? As long as you have a spare piece of carpet this can be repaired

Stair replacement

​Have a cat using your stairs as it's own personal scratching post or a dog that thinks the side is a chew toy.

As long as you have a spare piece of carpet, this can be replaced or repaired depending on the damage

Vinyl flooring repair

Did you pull out one of those appliances to clean behind it and then you noticed you tore up the flooring

underneath it? Your not alone. As long as you have a spare piece it can be repaired

VCT repair

Do you have a few VCT tiles lifting up in your kitchen, bath or place of business. It could be as simple as

using a little glue to your more complex repair as having to fix that expansion crack underneath.

Sub floors

We can provide sub flooring replacement or tear out.

​We will install 1 room or the entire house, your choice

Don't see what your looking for? Please ask as it is hard to list everything

​we do and all the products we carry.